Franchise Information

What you want to know about Bill Bateman’s!

In 1987, Bill opened his first restaurant on Harford Road in Baltimore County. Bill wanted this to be everything a good restaurant ought to be. He made sure the portions were generous and the prices fair. Bill has expanded to open numerous locations throughout the State of Maryland and into Pennsylvania. He also opened Bill Bateman’s Express locations, a carryout variation of the original concept. Bill is very active in the preparation of all menu items. He personally approves everything that goes on the menu. Bill’s famous Original and BBQ Sauces are currently sold in national retail supermarkets.

Since the Bill Bateman’s expansion, we’ve had many customers and friends of the business express interest in opening and owning their own Bill Bateman’s Bistro or Express. In doing so, we have put together in more detail some guidelines that may help people determine their eligibility for investing in a location.

Some basic criteria to own a Bill Bateman’s Bistro or Express:

You must have financial resources to invest in a Bistro with a minimum of $950,000 and $430,000 for an Express. These are the start-up costs to build, lease, furnish and fully train staff before opening. Within the start-up fee, consists of many criteria to help you get your location up and running and continue on the road to success. These include:

  • Advertising Fees
  • Extensive Training
  • Initial Support – Store Layout, Employee Staffing, Marketing Ideas
  • Ongoing Operational Support
  • Suggested Promotions

Our company takes all necessary steps to have your franchise or bistro continue to grow in a productive and supportive manner. We believe in our standards and concept. With the proper training, your establishment should carry on the Bill Bateman’s name with pride and success.

* Any areas that consists of or adjectives of the wording “he”, “we” or “us” pertains to the owners (Bill Bateman, Marc Loundas, Chuck Howard) or company as a whole. *

Guidelines for Franchise Applicants

A. Submit Application and Financial Statement

Opening a franchise can be very difficult. It is recommended to visit for general franchising information. If you are interested, apply to BB Franchising with a “Request for Consideration.” All applications will be confidential and will only be considered if the applicant has a minimum net worth of $500,000, of which a substantial amount is in liquid assets.

B. Overview of Application

BB Franchising will review your submitted application for approval. If all the provided information is in good standing, you will be contacted to pursue steps for a meeting.

C. Building a Partnership

We will take the necessary steps to review location intentions and the parameters with you. We will discuss what our company’s directives and intentions are with a partnership and discuss your obligations as being part of our organization.

D. Formal Meeting

You will meet with the owners and discuss future plans with our organization. All necessary topics will be addressed including Operations Manual, training and location potential growth. This is a great opportunity to review any questions you may have about our company and standards.

E. Franchise Agreement

Once a mutual agreement has been determined, execution of the Franchise Disclosure Documents must be established. At that time, a fee of $30,000 will be due for a Bistro or $10,000 for an Express.

F. Developmental Plans

BB Franchise will assist in construction plans which adhere to our specifications and unique style once a site has been approved. You will assume all costs and responsibilities for locating, acquiring and developing a site which is approved by our site selection guidelines. A typical site requires 3,000-8,000 square feet.

G. Final Assessment of Standards

Before an opening takes place, a meeting will be held with owners and person (s) purchasing a new location. This meeting will go into great detail of the Operations Manual and expectations of rules, regulations and timeline adherence.

H. Opening

Once construction and training has been completed, your opening of a Bill Bateman’s Franchise will commence. Our training staff and management team will support you through your first couple weeks. After support has left your new location, someone from Bill Bateman’s Corporate will check up with you on a regular basis to confirm company adherence.

Basic Information

Franchisor Name
BB Franchising

Franchisor Address
P.O. Box 98, Perry Hall, MD. 21128

Franchisor Phone Number and Fax
Ph: 410-667-0650 fx: 410-667-0660

Franchise Contact
Marc Loundas, President of BB Franchising Email:


Corporate- North Plaza, Severna Park
Franchises- Havre de Grace, Towson, Hanover (PA.), Shrewsbury
Expresses- Rosedale, Middle River

Company Overview

Bill Bateman’s Bistro was based on the principle of huge food portions, fair prices and great customer service. Each corporate and franchise location has had the same concept in mind, a casual American menu with a lot of variety and a friendly sports bar. We have always been known as a neighborhood hot spot where people can enjoy great food, cold drinks and a friendly atmosphere for watching all sporting events or casual get-togethers. Although the expresses do not include a bar, they are a great place to sit down and grab a quick meal or order a carryout order for yourself or large parties.

Our menu variety, reasonable prices and quality portion sizes will make you recognize Bill Bateman’s as a place to return to over and over again. With items such as Wings, Sliders, Certified Angus Beef, Ribs and so much more, Bill Bateman’s has been recognized as a place with great quality food and excellent taste. Since its inception in 1987, Bill has personally carried that reputation with him and will continue to do so.

Franchise Fee

Franchise Royalty
5% of Gross Sales

Advertising Fund Contribution
Up to 1 ½ % of Gross Sales

Local Advertising
1 % of Gross Sales

Franchise Territory
Maryland and Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Franchise cost?

The total initial investment cost ranges from $850,000 to $1,500,000 depending on the size unit you are interested in. This cost includes the majority of everything up to the actual opening of the store, such as franchise fee, insurance, inventory, advertisement, licenses, equipment and other necessities.

How much is the Royalty Fee?

The franchise fee is 5% of your gross weekly revenue. Included in that fee is the Operational and Marketing assistance provided to all franchises.

How long will I receive training?

It is customary for all of our training programs to run approximately 8 weeks prior to an opening. The Operating Partner, General Manager, Kitchen Manager and Assistant Manager will be required to attend the scheduled shifts and pass all tests given by management on a weekly basis. Once the opening of the new location has occurred, Corporate Trainers will continue to assist in the day to day operations for approximately two weeks.

Is there Advertisement Fees?

We do require each location to invest approximately $2,500 in the Grand Opening campaign and continually spend 2% of gross sales on local advertising. These advertisements are used to attract loyal customers and build a consistent client base. Discounts and incentives are also required on a weekly basis to promote specials. All franchises must contribute up to 1 ½ % of weekly gross sales for company-wide advertisement and future franchise planning.

How is the site determined?

Each Franchisee will be directly involved in providing information to pursue select locations of interest. Once a territory is determined, no future locations will be available within in 2.5 mile radius. Each site must have a geographical population of 50,000 people.